14 August, 2017

A new blog

One reason I've found it harder to write here in the last six or seven weeks (aside from being away on holidays and having my family in my "office" all the time) is that I've been in charge of starting a new blog for OMF Japan that links in with our new website. I've really enjoyed it. I do like blogging. But for this blog I'm the managing editor, rather than the writer, with the writers being missionaries serving in Japan with OMF. Although, to get things rolling early on, I've repurposed nine blog posts I wrote five years ago for "on the edge of ordinary", answering challenging questions about my life as a missionary and how I came to be doing what I'm doing.

I'd love it if you came over and had a look at the blog and the rest of the new OMF Japan website also (which isn't so much what I've been doing, although I did write or edit most of the content). Thankfully it isn't just my posts up there anymore, I've managed to get three other writers' stories up too. This is an ongoing project, with the aim to get at least one post up every Tuesday.

Hopefully we'll get some great posts that will give good insight into the lives and ministry of missionaries in Japan. I'll keep sharing the links to various posts here every now and then, perhaps you can continue to check them out and, if you like them, even share them with your friends.


Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Is there a way to subscribe to the OMF Japan blog? I'm not seeing it. Thanks.

Wendy said...

Hi Nancy, I've asked the technical people, but haven't yet received an answer. I'll tell you (via this comment thread) if I find out. I'm thrilled that you're interested, though.