03 August, 2017

Short update post

I'm out of time to blog decently today. But I have to report that my blog post from Tuesday had an immediate response. I got a message from a teacher friend who I haven't been out to coffee with for a long time. We ended up having a lengthy lunch today and it was fabulous.

Yesterday we took our boys and another family with three boys on an outing to a large park (the one I took my parents to in May). It was fun, but of course we weren't looking at pretty sights, we were hanging out at the play areas (though most of our boys are too old for that now they still had fun). Here are some photos from our day: 

This cute building housed two picnic tables upstairs. No one was using them, so we ate our picnic there. 
I love moss...can you tell?
Love the green!
The rainbow hammock. Our boys played here for a bit. It was supposed to only be for 12 year olds and younger, which cut out four of the six boys with us, but they played until they got kicked off.
The mist! 
Seems as though it is supposed to drift over to these hills, but it never made it before the mist-creation stopped (it only creates it for a minute or so).
And the curious mosaic dragons!
Closeup of one of the dragon eyes.
The day was full of adventures, as four of the boys rode their bikes 20km or so to the park. One fell on the trip in and they needed to stop for first aid supplies to patch up his knee and two hand-heels. Another got a flat on the way home and they had to stop for bike repair supplies! Both these boys were Marshalls. One of them got badly burnt, despite the fact that they were riding in a light rain a good portion of the time.

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