24 August, 2017

A piece of the puzzle

The thing that has been looming for the last few years is getting closer all the time: the day our eldest moves to Australia. I feel like we've been talking about it for an eternity (well maybe only four years, but still...) University starts late February, so he's currently here, working part-time and enjoying a break from study.

Two big questions need answers:
1. What will he study (and where)?
2. Where will he live.

Of course the second depends somewhat on the first. But it seems as though God has provided somewhere for him to live. A family we've known for many years who live in a convenient location have a room available for him and we've come to a verbal agreement! [Add large shout of celebration here.]

David and my Alma Mater:
University of Queensland.
It's what we'd hoped for, that he'd be able to board with a family, at least initially, to help him through this huge change: not just moving out of home and starting university, but changing countries too.

Phew! God's provision indeed.

Next step is already underway: figuring out what courses he wants to put on the application form (there are six spaces available). 

For my non-Aussie readers: university application is a centrally controlled thing in Australia, so local Australians just have to fill out a form with their preferences. An international Australian has things a tiny bit tougher, in that they have to figure out how to get their grades and scores to the tertiary application centre (QTAC or Queensland Tertiary Application Centre for our state) so that they can be allocated a "rating" that allows universities to decide if they want to accept them or not. Yep, all numbers, no essays or references or interviews (unless you're going into something like fine arts).

That all needs to be done in the next month. After that we sit back and wait a couple of months to see if he gets accepted. Particularly, if he gets accepted at a university that can be easily accessed from where he's potentially got a place to stay.

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