09 May, 2017

Mind your own business

This cafe is in our neighbourhood. Anyone
sitting there is easily see by anyone on
the walkway that runs the length of the 
shop. It's a place where lots of people 
associated with our school go. It's a great
place to meet people as it's right next to train
station, but if I want privacy, I don't go here, 
though usually people are usually sensitive 
enough not to butt in.
I read the phrase "mind your own business" a few weeks back and it's been echoing around my head. Helpfully echoing through my head.

So when I heard English spoken in the train last week, I looked up and noted another CAJ family a bit further down the train carriage. There were a number of people between us so there wasn't a clear sightline. However what I heard was a mum struggling emotionally with one of her kids, so I "minded my own business" and didn't rush up to say hi.

And applying the other way too, for example, most times it isn't your business why I chose to not go to something. Most times we're not obligated to state our reasoning or excuse to anyone, however I'm a little prone to telling people my reasoning even if they don't ask. That's not always helpful to my emotional health.

Of course I don't want to use this to isolate myself or others, but it's a boundary issue, isn't it? An issue we need to be aware of in our own lives, as well as respecting other people's boundaries. Caring for others sometimes means not asking. Caring for ourselves sometimes means not explaining.

Here's where I read it:
“Here’s the rule: To keep out of trouble mostly all you need to do is mind your own business. If a woman tells you she is starting study in a particular area or a new job, don’t feel that it is your place to question that choice of hers. It isn’t. If you are wondering why Miss X isn’t yet married, remind yourself that there is no rule that we have to get married by a particular age, or indeed, at all, and say nothing. Similarly, if you are wondering why a particular couple only have one or two children, or seven, or none at all, again remind yourself that this is something that is their concern and not yours. Godly womanhood can be expressed in a thousand different ways and we need not worry ourselves with other people’s business.

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