15 May, 2017

A foray into interior decorating

My impulsive foray into interior decorating has resulted in this in our entry: 

Total cost? 350 yen or AU$4.25 from CAJ's Thrift Shop. The coat hanger we already owned.

The final photo is from just outside the front door, so you can see what someone walking in might see. This high ceiling in the entry is such an unusual feature for a Japanese house, people often comment on it. I love it that this obi (the ornamental belt that is worn with a kimono) just fits so beautifully here. It doesn't look forced at all.

We've never lived in our own home and so I haven't done much in decorating around the house besides putting up some photos, pictures, and calendars. It's just not something I find easy to visualise, yet I appreciate other people's beautiful touches in their houses/apartments. Of course living with a bunch of boys doesn't encouraged decorating, either. They don't just don't appear to notice...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Clever use of vertical space Wendy! For a novice you got it just right!
Keeping you in my prayers, love Coralee (Brissy OT)