08 May, 2017

Nature refreshes

Through these trees you can just glimpse a river (which isn't
 that pretty, it's banks are reinforced with concrete)
and a train platform.
Someone said to me today, "You look tired. Are you okay?"
Same tree, swivelled a little to the left to capture the context. This is a busy
place. The building is a medical university. Just beyond the tree on the same
side of the road as the tree is the entrance to another train station. Lots of
people move through this area every day. It's a delight to have these
enormous trees brighten the journey.
I feel tired. There's a lot of reasons for that, it's normal at this stage in the school-year cycle for us, but of course we've had grief in the last couple of months to deal with. At the OMF prayer meeting I went to today a counsellor talked about building resiliency in ourselves and in others. One of the things she mentioned was taking time to appreciate nature.
On my way home from the meeting (a four-train journey), I stopped for a moment to appreciate the beauty depicted in these photos. I didn't get the best photos. I was dragging a heavy suitcase and not inclined to muck around with getting the perfect position to snap a shot.

I feel a bit refreshed by seeing these, taking a photo, and now posting them for you to see. Not to mention, admitting my sadness and fatigue to you here, which apparently is another way of building resilience and coping with distress.

Hopefully I'll be able to get back to writing here on a regular basis. I've found it difficult to do that in the last 10 days.

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