01 May, 2017

Photos from last week

Last week was crazy busy. The last week of the month is usually pretty busy for me, but it was compounded by taking several days off to volunteer at Thrift Shop the week before plus the events that transpired on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm really thankful that we'd already decided to put off our youngest son's sleepover birthday party till this week.

So here are a few photos from last week.

We did have a family party for our son, including his favourite chocolate cheesecake. Birthdays are a really important tradition in our family and the family party (though quite simple) seems to be one of the keys. But I can hardly believe my youngest is now 12!

The tree outside our dining room/my office now has a full complement of leaves. The fresh, light-green variety exclusive to spring. I love it. We've been watching for the birds to come back again to lay eggs, but they haven't and we're a little disappointed by that.

On Saturday we had the second-last track meet of the season. The weather was lovely, but a bit odd in the afternoon when we had thunder and lightning, a rain burst and then sun again.

On Thursday I went into the JEMA (Japan Evangelical Missionary Association) office and we packed magazines. I'm grateful to have the Spring issue out in April despite several holdups, ranging from team members taking time-off over Spring Break, to flyers not being ready, and people not being available for packing to final product.

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