06 April, 2017

Writing a website

Well, I'm not quite writing a website, but I'm helping get, write, and edit content for a new OMF Japan website. It's stretching my brain. Not just because I've never done that before, but because I'm jumping into something that my line manager has been doing but is no longer able to.

I mentioned on Sunday that our Field Director is very ill with cancer. He's running out of treatment options and we just don't know what will happen. My line manager is his wife and is understandably off-loading most of her responsibilities so that she can be with her family. I've taken this on, on top of my usual magazine editing load (the timing has worked out that I've also just received almost all the submissions for the summer issue of the magazine in the last week).

So I'm trying to make decisions quickly on things that I'm even less sure on than usual. I myself have no formal leadership role in OMF, so I feel like I'm stepping into territory where I don't really belong. We're behind on getting this new website launched, and it is a key part of our current mobilisation push (200 workers by 2020). We have a short-termer working on the technical side of the website and he needs content to work on, content I have to procure, edit, and in some cases, write.

I'd value your prayers. Actually for our whole field. When something like this happens with someone in a leadership position it is a particularly precarious situation. And OMF isn't like a commercial company where you just hire people you need to fill positions. There never seems to be enough workers and especially leadership.

Not to mention that this is a "fellowship" (OMF used to be called Overseas Missionary Fellowship). Relationships between missionaries are often more than just colleagues, we're talking about friends. We're looking at potentially losing a friend here.

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