13 April, 2017

Mask eating shield candy!

I'm a bit confused by this product. I won it in a fun "bingo" game with CAJ parents a few weeks ago. Here's what one website says about it:

Product name: mask eating Morinaga shield acidophilus tablets (yogurt) 
Shield acidophilus tablet, the dry season of customers who have a vague uneasiness. Easy sweets warned that not is a yogurt taste developed in the wake lock crackers. Developed to know that there is a special lactic acid bacteria have been verified the effect of various kinds of lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria by using lock crackers. 
[Product features]  
  • Health management in the dry season to "shield" lactic acid bacteria tablets goodies is.  
  • Can one day consume 10 billion pieces in 3 grain lactic acid bacteria.  
  • You can lock crackers can easily consume yogurt taste, so to worry about young children, in the habit of eating.
[The origin of the mask eating nicknamed] "Shield lactic acid bacteria" is a shield, to protect you. "That image is easy to understand, such thought in the development team. "Eat my mask" is flashed when you finally have meeting designers and packaging design.
-And shield lactic acid bacteria—Many immune cells reside in the intestine, has suggested that lactic acid bacteria ingested immune function. Shield lactic acid bacteria is lactic acid bacteria was chosen from among several thousand shares owned by Morinaga milk industry, focusing on "immunity".
I'm feeling pretty confused. Would you eat it? When I won it I asked the Japanese parents in the room about what it was and their explanation didn't help much either. I've tried one and I'm not totally enamoured by the flavour, nor am I convinced that it is helping me in any way!

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