18 April, 2017

Track meet #2

Taking the first leg of the 4x100m. He's decided to drop
this event for the next meet this Saturday and give the
1,500m race a go. He's quite a good all-round athlete,
so I'm betting he's not going to do badly at that distance.
On Saturday we went to the second track meet of the season (for the middle schoolers), the high schoolers have had a couple more). The weather was definitely better, though in lieu of rain we had wind. Hence it was a slow meet for the sprinters and our boys were disappointed with their times. However, this young man, our youngest, came first in the individual 100m and 200m (if you only count 6th graders).

Our middle son had bad starts in the 100m and 400m, so today he and the sprint coach are working on learning how to use blocks, so hopefully that will make a significant difference to him.
Our middle son finishing strongly in the 400m.
Definitely a bad-hair day. The wind was forecast to be about 30km/hr. I was glad for this stadium as it has shade for it was difficult to keep my hat on—I chased it several times. The rest of the season is at Yokota Airbase and there is no shade over the grandstand.
This little guy wandered into my space during the morning. I love ladybirds, but I've never seen a light-brown one before.
And as always, hanging out with other parents makes the day much more fun. Track and field can be a boring sporting event for spectators. In Tokyo you can travel over an hour to watch your child run for 12 seconds (if it is the 100m). The school's team is big this year and that means more parents too!
This Saturday I'm not going to the meet, I'm one of the key volunteer at the school's final day of Thrift Shop so I'm going to skip this one. But you can be sure that I'll be hanging out for the stories from the boys, and the results when they come online the next day!

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