27 March, 2016

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

We're a little crazy doing family stuff at present, and taking care of ourselves.

Yesterday, the first day of the school's week-long spring break, we left early and drove an hour west (only about 22km, though) to the US Airforce base for another inter school sports meet. This time track and field. I found the meet more enjoyable than I have in the past, perhaps because there were lots of fun people to talk to that I knew and we had two athletes competing, so there were twice as many events to check out with passion.
Our "wrestler" doing discus. It was frustrating that we couldn't get any closer
and that there were two fences between us and him, but I guess remaining
safe was a big priority too. He threw some PBs (as I used to call them, PRs
as they call them). He's only got 4 more metres to qualify for the big meet
at the end of the season. And 50cm in shot put. He came 7th and 6th in
respectively in these two events. A great effort.
Our middle son breasting the line, second place in his 100m heat. He's looked
forward to this sporting season for some months now. It was great to see him
out there going hard at it.
My weather app told me it was 9C when I took this photo.
It was indeed chilly, but much more bearable in the sun,
though the sun took its toll. We're all a bit sunburnt (and
wind burnt too). It was an all-day event, and that much sun,
even at those temperatures, does damage to skin like this.
This is a photo of America and Japan side-by-side.
Only separated by a fence. And we were on the "inside". 
Yesterday we also sent our youngest son off to a soccer camp until Monday. The base was about half-way to the campsite, so David and a friend took him there after lunch. It's a little quiet today without him.

This afternoon, as well as recovering from yesterday, we're preparing to go away tomorrow on our spring camping trip. We're headed up to a campsite we went to in 2012, only weeks after we did that epic trip to Uluru in Australia. 

This break is something we've been looking forward to, especially during those difficult weeks in Feb/early March. We're going with another family, so that's double the fun!

But alas we need to pack . . . not too hard (we've got a great perpetual list), but it needs doing.

So, I won't be here much in coming days, but I might post some photos from the "field". Hopefully I'll be back later this week feeling refreshed.

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