19 March, 2016

The lasagne hunt

I have been hunting for lasagne sheets this week. I don't make lasagne very often, understand, but I do make it. The shop I used to buy them from isn't on my usual routes, so it wasn't until I rode there on Wednesday that I found out that they'd knocked it down and built something else.
In the end, I rode or walked to seven grocery stores and then David went to two near the optometrist where he went yesterday afternoon to pick up our son's new glasses. The lasagna sheets arrived at the very last minute (I was about to start dinner).
There's two more grocery stores on here that we didn't try!

The amazing thing is that the furtherest any of the shops are from our house is 2.5km. We can easily ride to them all! It really highlights the population density: that all these grocery stores can function at a profit. Most of them are medium to large, maybe the size of a small to medium grocery store in Australia.

Tuna Lasagne worked fairly well in the end, for which I'm glad. Next time I might use tortilla, though they are also pretty uncommon.

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