30 March, 2016

Posting at camp

We're having a fine time camping. The weathers been on the cool side, but not as cold as in November and it has not rained. As usual it's been fun to be with friends: not only are the chores shared but there are plenty of people to choose from to hang out with and the boys are more likely to have their "other people" faces on and hence are better behaved. Here are a few photos. 

Setting up

The fire: centre of camp!

We're in a park about 2km long. This view we saw as we walked to the ropes/obstacle course yesterday. 

The ropes course was fun for all ages. There is an 11 age span between the seven kids of our two families, but all enjoyed this course. According to our two teenagers, however, the best entertainment was watching the 40 year olds in the group. 

Culture exchange: we had Australian damper the first night then American s'mores last night. 


Caroline said...

Camping with another family is the best, though we've hardly ever been able to do it - so many things are easier and more fun.

Do you have golden syrup on your damper? Or something else?

Wendy said...

Yes, we know where to buy golden syrup here and it's what we had on the damper. Our American friends brought maple syrup too. Are you saying, Caroline, that it's hard to find people to camp with?