02 August, 2015

An oily puddle

Summer heat, humidity, and a cold with the usual accompanying asthma are sapping my energy and motivation at present. Add those to limited internet access and my blogging has fallen by the wayside.  Plus having way too many stories to tell you. I've felt a bit paralysed on the writing front.

It's three weeks and two days till school starts. Despite the energy sapping summer conditions, we are enjoying having little to no outside demands on our time. In a couple of months we'll look back in envy at all the free time we have now. Pity it's too hot to do much at all. But then again, sleeping at 30C or above isn't as good a sleep as at cooler temperatures, so it's probably a good thing that there are few demands on us just now. 

Many missionaries are on holidays. The other day I received an enquiry via our organisation's website (one of my jobs). It required the attention of one missionary, but when I sent it on I got an "I'm on holidays" email, so I forwarded it on to another person I thought might be able to deal with it. Next thing I get an email from him saying he's on holidays too! Thankfully he forwarded it on to some others. Hopefully someone will be able to fulfill the necessary action in a timely fashion!

We're reading, playing board games, sleeping in, watching movies at home, and eating cold stuff. And a bit of electronic game playing. Much of the time it's too hot to even play Lego upstairs (it doesn't come downstairs to the living areas). 

Yes we do have air con, but not in the bedrooms upstairs, and being frugal missionaries we're trying not to use the air con until late in the day. 

One day soon I'll get down to telling you some of the stories of our last month: like the immigration strife we encountered at Tokyo airport and the fun we had zip lining (but not at Tokyo airport). 

(This entire post was typed on my phone . . . apologies for any mistakes!)


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Well done Wendy. Enjoy these slower paced days while they last. Mine are almost at an end! Our kids start school Wednesday week, and teachers on Thursday this week. Meanwhile rest up, and get yourself well. I'm looking forward to your story about zip lining. I did it in Chiang Mai five years ago and it was great, so I'm looking forward to hearing your perspective.

Wendy said...

I never did get back to my story about zip lining. So many other things happened at the same time as having limited internet access that a lot fell through the net. We were in the same city, so I suspect we went to the same place as you.