25 August, 2015

Starting school for the second time this year

I'm a bit slow, so it didn't dawn on me till this week that we've got something new happening this school year. David is teaching one of his own children for the first time!

Our 16 y.o. is taking Physics with his dad. It's going to be interesting. Our son remarked that it will be intriguing to see a different side of his dad.

It's also the only year that we'll have one elementary student, one middle school student, and one high school student.

School started this morning for the students, David's been working part/full-time for a few weeks now. It was a happy and peaceful start for our family. Not quite what I imagined because there has been some anxiety here. After all when you go away for a year and then come back, especially when you're entering puberty, lots of things can change. That gives plenty to worry about, if you are so inclined.

However they were glad to be finally returning to the place that they've dreamed about for the last 14 months. Ready to step out and see what really had changed. In many ways CAJ (Christian Academy in Japan) is their second home. When they talked in Australia about missing Japan, one of the biggest things they missed was the school.

We noticed in our year in Australia that many found it difficult to comprehend what CAJ was like. Here is a quote from last years yearbook, that might help.
"This is a place where worlds collide to create the astonishingly diverse community that we know as our school. . . . One look at CAJ's statistics on ethnic diversity will tell you just how amazing this is. In the students body [Ed's note: there are about 450 students, in K-12.] . . . 36 nationalities are represented, with 37% possessing dual passports. 40% of the students are missionary children, and 60% are children of business and professional people. . . Many of us don't think about it, but CAJ is more than just a school; it is a place of international fellowship and growth." p7
They'll all be back soon, it's a half-day today, and I look forward to hearing how their first day went. We'll see how loose their tongues are, and how much I need to work to pry anything out of them.

In the meantime I've had a lovely quiet morning getting things done, including writing with no interruptions. Yay!

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