10 January, 2014

Staying Warm Inside

Tokyo houses are cold and there are many things we do to keep warm inside, the obvious being putting more clothing on and turning the heaters on (in rooms we're using). But despite all that I still get cold, especially when I'm sitting at my computer next to a large single-planed glass sliding door for a long period during the day.

Here are some other things I do to keep warm:

I bought some fingerless gloves before Christmas. I imagine they'll be great for camping next time we manage that in the cold. But for now they are great for doing household chores in the unheated parts of the house, especially in the chilly mornings. 

This morning I used them for hanging up the chilly washing. Thankfully we hang things up on hangers inside before we go outside, because it was close to 0˚C this morning outside. Inside was below 10, but I hung the clothes up in our little laundry, with the electric heater blowing on me. The washing itself is cold because it is washed in water that is as cold as if it were refrigerated. Seriously! At this time of year we have chilled water on tap!

When a pair of colleagues left the field last year, they dumped a lot of goods on our doorstep. I scored these lovely items. 
A foot-sized heated rug that I've got under my feet as I type (not turned on at present)
 A super hot water bottle with a cosy cover. I've never owned one of these, but it's nice to cuddle, or put on my lap or between my feet.

It holds its heat for ever so long. I left it on my desk chair this morning
while I did some errands. My chair is still warm, five hours after the water
was boiled!
I haven't yet taken the hot water bottle to bed, because we have one of the best inventions for winter: an electric blanket. It makes our bed super cosy!

This is one of my lap rugs. I have one in the lounge room too that is a bit heavier
than this. Nice for chilly knees under the breakfast table.
Perhaps I'm getting old? I find it hard to know whether I'm feeling the cold more now than I used to. Perhaps I'm just getting more wily in my old age?

I have to say, though, that I won't mind missing Tokyo's winter this time next year. Give me a Queensland winter any day!

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