06 January, 2014

A project completed

While we were away this magazine arrived. It's the one that I stayed up past midnight to finish off mid-December. It looks pretty good considering the challenges we faced while putting it together.

I'm particularly proud of the cover. The theme of the magazine is Member Care (care of missionaries by their agencies) and I came up with the concept for the cover. Actually it was one of several ideas I gave our designer who went looking for photos and couldn't find one to fit our budget (almost zero). So I volunteered our car for a photo shoot!
It's almost unbelievable now that to take this photo, she and I sat in our car in mid-September, sweating profusely. This morning when I hung the clothes outside at 8am it was 1.5˚C!

But what I'm really happy about is that an idea I had has worked, and worked well! I love that.

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