25 January, 2014

Fun Weekend

This weekend's been crazy, but high on the fun levels. It started for most of us on Thursday because Friday was a student free day. 

Thursday night
We went to our nearest International School for two wrestling duals. Our son had two wrestles and won both. 

Most notably, the school's top wrestler in the weight category above our son's was out sick, so our ninth grader wrestled as a Varsity Wrestler for the first time. The other wrestler could have been up to 9.5lb (4.3kg) heavier, so we felt a bit apprehensive. However our son pinned his opponent and the victory felt very sweet. 

David went to work as usual, but we didn't wake the boys, so I ended up with an unheard of solo breakfast, during which I indulged in reading a good book. In fact everyone ate alone except our 11 y.o. who read in bed till 12 and then had breakfast just before we ate lunch. His porridge smelt disgusting at that time of day!

We spent time preparing for Saturday's bedroom swap, including sorting through a lot of the toys and junk that accumulates in children's cupboards and shelves. 

I baked some yummy goodies in the afternoon (including a rare Sticky Date Pudding). 

In the evening we had a hilarious time at the annual Senior Talent Show. 

One of the memorable performances was a clarinet duet with a difference. They played the old Mario theme and one of our best wrestlers played Mario, down to the moustache. So funny! Very therapeutic to laugh that hard. The program was well put together, there weren't many dull spots. The MCs were hilarious.

On of the joys for me was knowing some of the year 12s. Six of them are wrestlers, with whom we've been sharing some time recently! It made the show even more enjoyable. After the show, as is the custom at CAJ, the performers lined the stairs at the exit of the auditorium. All the audience therefore walks past them. This can be awkward when you don't know any of the performers, but with all the travelling with the high school wrestling team that we've been doing, I'm getting to know a few, and them me. It was very fun when someone called out, "Thanks Mrs Marshall". I also high-fived a few of them on my way out.

Early this morning our weary 14 y.o. came home. He'd been at a Freshman Lock-In at school. I'd never heard of these before coming here, but it's basically a sleepover at school, except that not everyone sleeps. So our son had done his first all-nighter. He was planning to go to an optional training session at another school (about an 1 ½ hr away), leaving at 7.30, but reluctantly decided it would a bit too much. Another lesson learned: sleep is important for wrestling too!

Operation Bedroom Switching took up most of the day. Upstairs was quite a mess, but it's mostly all done now and they're in bed (or will be shortly). A bit more fiddling with exactly where certain things are stored, will happen, but the boys themselves can do that.

Lunch time today I had a date with our middle son. Another effort to give this strong introvert extra one-on-one time with his parents. We spent a couple of hours together and it was fun! 

I baked up a storm this afternoon again. We have lots of baked goodies for the weeks to come! The next two or three weekends are busy for me with wrestling, so I thought I ought to stock up.

Not over yet!
Now the weekend is not quite over yet. There's more fun to come. 

Tomorrow is Australia Day and in the evening we're having the 3rd annual gathering of some local Aussie friends. It should be great fun. 

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