13 March, 2017

A monochromatic whimsy

I left home at 7.45 this morning and got back at 5.45 and started straight into meal preparation. It's only now, at 7.45 that I've been able to sit down for a moment and gather my thoughts into written words. The whole day was meetings and travel. Oh, and a little bit of chatting over food. But it's been constant people. So this is my small offering today. It's more of an Instagram post than a blog post, but I offer it anyway.

I live in basically a concrete jungle. Though that jungle has more space and green in it than you might expect if you haven't been here, it is still essentially kilometres and kilometres of houses and asphalt and apartments and more asphalt. 

Every now and then, though, you get surprised by "nature". This afternoon, walking home in the gloom of a cloudy late afternoon, I was surprised by a whole lot of birds. I have no idea what sort of birds—monochromatic, as far as I can see from my little iPhone photo. There were hundreds of them and many landed on these wires above my head. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, and periodically a whole bunch of them would take off together and fly around again. 

A bit whimsical, but it brightened the end of my busy day.

What brightened your day today? Was it a word from a stranger? A hug from a child? An unexpected letter? I'd love to know.

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Sarah said...

A nice 'Rory and Mummy' day.