09 March, 2017

Early spring park ride

I finally got back to the park, this time with my new "toy". I'm stunned at some of the photos I was able to take today. These are all unedited.

 And this huge dog. I saw him/her several times during my time in the park. He was big enough to reach the people-sized bubbler, thankfully I saw his owner filling up a container for him, not allowing him to use it straight!

The beauty of being out on my own was that I could play around with the camera, trying out various settings (there are many on a camera like this). These flowers were a bit shaded, so I played around with exposure and ISO. 

There's still tonnes to learn, but it's nice to be making some tiny steps forward with this hobby. Maybe one day I might even be able to photograph some sport . . . although I still maintain that it is very difficult to photograph (at least for me) your own kids in wrestling, I simply get too involved. With two boys doing track and field this season, I will have the chance to practise on them in April.

But it was wonderful to be out and about today. It was sunny, and the temperature not too bad, but still not into the teens (about 10C). The park was really not much different looking to when I went there a month ago, but that is all about to change, with cherry blossoms forecast to arrive in about a fortnight, and once they're here, the park just explodes.

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