27 March, 2017

Savouring multigrain bread rolls

"What food do you miss?" is a common question we field in Australia. There are lots of things we mildly miss (read here: not desperately crave) and enjoy when we're in Australia. But there is also a lot that we don't miss or can fairly easily get in Japan.
One thing we "miss" is being able to buy cheap, tasty non-sweet bread rolls in the shop. Even more—being able to buy cheap multigrain bread or bread rolls in the shop. Bread availability has improved a lot since we first arrived, but it still doesn't really meet these criteria.

So periodically I make my own. We make most of our own bread, actually, in a machine. The sliced variety, and yes, wholemeal or multigrain and not sweet. But not often do I do my own kneading and make rolls.

This afternoon I did and we had delightful, though a little too crusty, flat multigrain bread rolls for dinner. Yum!

They didn't last long, however. It's hard to tell, but they are big rolls. These six represent 600g of flour, a usual medium loaf of bread. My two big guys polished 1 ½ of these off (filled with pork and home-made BBQ sauce) then they moved onto rice along with the usual truck-load of vegetables. The other three of us had just one roll each.

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