09 November, 2016

Wind proofing our shower room

We're entering our sixth winter in this house. It is old by Japanese standards and poorly insulated, though generally wind-proof. Except for the shower. The shower room is large and has three windows that are all louvered. The louvers no longer fully close (or open) so on a breezy day it can be a more than a tad chilly, especially when it is under 10 degrees Celsius outside. 

I protested about this to David and suggest we cover the windows with plastic bags. He came up with a great way to do that without using tape. He's covered the removable fly screens with bags and put the screen back in place. As a result we now have a breeze-proof shower room. It's will still be cold in there because of the lack of insulation and heating (underneath is the open car port and it shares no walls with heated parts of the house), but hopefully the wind-chill factor will no longer be a part of my shower!

Today is windy, so I took a short video to show you how much wind these plastic bags are preventing from entering our shower. While it is a little difficult to see, you can hear the bags being buffeted by the wind outside.

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