17 November, 2016

Celebrating the end of another publishing project

Side-by-side with last year's calendar to show the changes.
It required some tight writing, with only two sentences
per month.
This is a project I've spent quite a bit of time on over the year. I produce this for our field every year, but our sales were declining. So I did a survey, put everything out on the table to be considered, and ended up doing a re-design of the product I was already producing. What do you think? I'm pretty impressed. It looks even better in my hand that it did on the screen.
As producer of the calendar I was able to even slip some of my own photos into it. This one is from our camping trip in July.

It is a product designed, not for general sales, but for use by our missionaries as gifts to supporters. We printed 2,200 English copies and 1,000 German copies. I really hope that is is a great blessing to all who receive them.

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