04 November, 2016

My garden shelf

Despite growing up with a green-thumbed mum, I didn't inherit her talent for or love of gardening. I did, however, inherit a love for green spaces and beautiful plants. So basically looking at the results of other people's gardening efforts!

However I have had a little success with a few pot plants on a sunny shelf halfway up our stairs. It's right next to the place where we clean our teeth, so it's easy to pay them a bit of attention and remember to water them. I also have a couple of hardy geraniums just outside our dining room glass door. I'm not so good at remembering to water them but they are amazingly hardy and prolific flowers to boot: my perfect plants. 

They are a small, but wonderful pleasure in my day! I'm trying my hand at a succulent and also so moss I scrapped off our little balcony.
 This little guy is cute too. I've  planted my succulent in him. Only trouble is he has nothing to collect excess water so I have him currently sitting in a shell.

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