20 November, 2016

Some easy slow cooker recipes

One of my slow-cooker recipes, but it requires tortillas,
not a common thing to find in Japan (we get ours from Costco).
I love my slow cooker! I periodically hear people ask for good low-fuss slow cooker recipes.  Low-fuss cooking is my speciality, so here are some of my favourite slow cooker recipes. I'm sorry they aren't typed out beautifully, I don't have time for that just now. If you can't read the details, email me and I'll send you the full file.

The following recipe is badly written. I basically throw the meat into the slow cooker (gently) and turn it on. Not long before I want to serve I make the BBQ sauce. From there you can add the sauce to the meat in the slow-cooker, or you can serve them separate. This recipe works for any type or meat (I haven't tried fish), and tastes just as good on any type of carb you might like. All in all a very versatile recipe. We ended up with too much BBQ sauce last time and so I bottled the remains, which we've used on pizza bases, sandwiches, etc. It's delicious, with a slight bite.

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