13 September, 2014

A bit crazy

The next five weeks are a bit crazy. 

Son #2 goes to Canberra with his class tomorrow, till Thursday. 
Son #1 goes on his class's school camp on Tuesday till Friday. 
Looking forward to an Australian holidays soon!
Son #2 has a birthday while he's away. 

Next Saturday, though, takes the cake:

  • son #1 flies to Melbourne at 8am for National Youth Wrestling Championships 
  • we present at the Queensland OMF Conference that morning (you're welcome to come too, if you dare)
  • David and I fly to Melbourne in the afternoon 
  • it's our 17th wedding anniversary 
  • sons #2 & #3 go to Toowoomba with my parents
We get back on Sunday evening after watching wrestling all day. The next day we pack the car for a camping trip and go to Toowoomba (1 ¼ hrs away) for a few days. 

Wednesday we're meeting an unknown quantity of Toowoomba friends in a park. 

The next day we head north for a camping holiday and then time with David's family. 

We return early Oct for four days of school before flying to Perth for nine days of work and pleasure. 

Phew! Hopefully that holiday time in there will rejuvenate us a little because there's signs of fatigue in everyone. 

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