16 September, 2014

Appreciating Australian nature

We've been experiencing beautiful Queensland spring weather. The temperatures have been mid to high 20s and the humidity low. Absolutely gorgeous. We're appreciating more and more the wonderful place we get to call home for a year.

Just outside our backdoor is a bunch of jasmine that's flowering at present and producing the most amazing scent.

Today David urged me out the door for a bike ride mid-morning. We're not getting our usual to and from school bike rides this week because everyone's away except our youngest and his bike is in for warranty-covered repairs. So, to fight the home assignment bulge, a bit of extra exercise is needed!

We found a park we didn't know about that is only about 300m from our house. Two main reasons, I guess. First we've been quite content to hang about at home on this huge piece of land (compared to our small block in Tokyo). Second, we haven't had that much hanging-at-home time as a family anyway! We certainly haven't had time to get bored. Though we've been riding to school, we're sticking to a single route that doesn't go past this park.

It's not a fabulous park with lots of walks or play equipment, but it is green space, with lots of eucalyptus trees. We miss these trees when we're in Japan, but all too soon we get blasé about the wonderful Australian bush. It was great to be out for a short while enjoying it today.

We're deep into the throes of preparation for our camping trip next week to Cania Dam (see an aerial shot here). We've borrowed some gear and it's looking like it'll be a good time. Hopefully nice and relaxing. If it all comes off, it will be the longest time we've ever camped in one spot (four nights). I'm looking forward to it!

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