01 September, 2014

Some photos from our conference weekend

We were in Sydney from Friday morning until yesterday, participating in OMF Australia's National Conference. Many different people came, quite different to a Field Conference where it is only missionaries who are invited.

There were people we hadn't seen for five years there. People who've known us throughout our journey with OMF. And there were many we met for the first time, including two couples hoping to go to Japan in the next year or so.

It was a wonderful time! It was a stressful time! I plan to write a bit more about it tomorrow, but here are some glimpses today (sorry for the limited number and quality of photos, I actually couldn't find our camera for the entire duration of the conference, only to discover it in David's backpack when we unpacked last night at home):

A workshop we ran about support ministries.
If I'm going to be put up-front for something, I
much prefer an interactive-style event.
This was fun.
Saturday night was a party night: 
OMF's 150th anniversary
party (a year early, but why not!). 

There were a variety of activities
going on, we ran an origami table, 

that turned out to be very popular.

It was also a dress Asian night, 

so we pulled out our summer
kimonos (which as ambitious, 

because the temperatures were
in the teens), but thankfully 

they put the air conditioner on.
Did you know that if you wear tights 
under a kimono, no one
can tell?
A TCK from the Philippines getting into her origami.
After we checked in our luggage at the airport on the way home
we found that several other "parties" who'd been with us at the
conference were waiting for planes too. It made for a fun

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