16 July, 2014

School starting

School starts tomorrow. Mixed emotions for the boys here.

One said,
"The first day is the hardest."
He's had a few "first days" and hates new situations.

Another hates the uniform. I'm not kidding and though most Australians will belittle this, it's not a small matter for him. He is quite sensitive to how clothes feel on his body and the uniform and leather shoes feel all wrong. He ended up in tears when we tried the uniforms on prior to buying them. He's been rather difficult to get along with recently and it certainly is tomorrow that's on his mind. He'll get somewhat used to the uniform, I'm sure, but it won't be easy.

They are jumping into the half-way through the school year. Please pray that this will go well, and especially that they'll form good friendships quickly. Pray that they'll be able to pick up the threads of friendships they had last time they were at this school (four years ago), as well as make new friends.


Sarah said...

I will pray right now that your boys will have a great day tomorrow, that they will reconnect with old friends and make new friends.

April said...

Take heart! If the first day is the hardest, it can only get better from here.