23 July, 2014

Two Random Surprises

Here are a couple of random things that have come up in these early days back in Australia.

Not much starts on time in Australia. We've not noticed that before, but have been a bit shocked with our punctual Japanese hats still on!

Japanese accent? 
Someone new I met the other day pondered why we didn't have japanese accents. I pointed out that we really did, when we spoke Japanese words like kimono or origami. Or when we say place names like Tokyo or Sapporo.

But in general we haven't picked up Japanese accents in our English (although you might here some Japanese expressions come out occasionally). This comic video might explain why:

By the way, good internet is still a couple of weeks away, sorry for my lack of blogging, it's not easy to get the basics done online, let alone blog posting!


Sarah said...

I wish more Aussies wore punctual Japanese hats.

Janet Camilleri said...

Yes, I love the way you say "Tokyo"!