13 July, 2014

What was in our suitcases?

Some people who've never made a move like we've just done have asked me what we brought to Australia. Here's a glimpse:

  • Clothes (but not our warmest winter gear, or our oldest stuff)
  • Some shoes
  • Personal/educational documents 
  • Some toys and other precious things the boys wanted to bring
  • Copies of recent publications I've worked on
  • Computers, cameras, and other electronic devices
  • Board games and other small games
  • Medication (not a lot)
  • A few small household things we know we probably won't find in Australia
  • School year books
  • Some books we want to leave in Australia (notably, the Billabong series)
What was not in our luggage:

  • Food (to avoid declaring anything at customs, and Australian customs are particularly strict)
  • Furniture (too expensive to bring this)
  • Appliances other than the above mentioned electronic devices (voltage is different)
  • Kitchen stuff

1 comment:

-J said...

I think sometimes people assume when a person/family moves, they take sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, dishes, etc. Those were items (in addition to furniture, a computer printer, etc.) that people in my home church would graciously loan me for a year at a time (or that I kept in storage at my parents' in the U.S.).