30 July, 2013

Japan Photo Answer #37

If I had a prize for the best answer, it would have to go to Deb who wrote this:
The question has to be "How do fish go to the bathroom?" And the answer is number two maybe (don't know much about the toileting habits of fish I confess). And you found it in the billiard room with the lead pipe and Colonel Mustard. Oh, wait, that's the wrong game. No, you found it on the back of the toilet door at the aquarium as an amusing quiz to take while you....well, while you do what you need to do. *Blush*
Dave also pulled some maths into it and suggested that as we were talking about a Number 2, the answer had to be Number 2!

And indeed they were both correct. Here's a photo of the answer that was revealed when you lifted up the poster, which happened to be next to the basins in the Restroom at the Aquarium.

I'm enjoying myself! Thanks for entering into the fun.

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