21 July, 2013

Japan Photo #36 Answer

Finally here's the answer to Japan Photo #36.
This came off the English-language
rubbish-disposal instructions. The "Here
is the mark" is a bit mysterious in its

Deb came the closest with "it looks like something to do with recycling".

The Japanese letters read "pura" short for the English
"plastic". It denotes that the product it is on can be put into the "pura" rubbish for recycling.

It is everywhere, and evidence that we've lived here too long is that I almost didn't consider it as a candidate for this Photo Quiz!
Here it is on a rice packet.

In white on a Milo packet.

And here it is on a Nutella bottle. The words next to it lets us know that we can put both the bottle and the lid into the "pura" rubbish.

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