04 July, 2013

Dropping in from north of the north

We're in Wakkanai, the most northerly city in Japan. This is our third campsite and tomorrow we'll have been camping for a week, by far the longest ever. 

Thankfully the weather has been wonderful most of the time. Hokkaido's put on some warm summer days for us. 

It started raining in the middle of the night lat night and it rained until about 9.30am this morning. We stayed indoors until about 10.30 and then took advantage of the free bike hire that comes with the campsite. The boys loved the mountain bikes and we did some exploring of this wonderful campsite, which is really a large park that we're allowed to camp in (with wonderful facilities).

This afternoon we did park golf. Tonight I've planned a real BBQ. Meat is a bit expensive so it isn't something we've done before while camping. 

I'm writing about our trip as we go, but not publishing it here till we get back to Tokyo and I have time (and more electricity) to add photos etc. so this is just a short check-in to let you know we're going okay. Tokyo seems like a long way away, and we're happy about that. 

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