13 July, 2013

Japan Photo #36

We're almost finished our two week camping trip in Hokkaido. I've been too busy enjoying our time away to write much here, but today I thought I'd drop in another Japan photo. 

What do you think this "mark" means and where would you find it? Again, those who've lived here, please hold back and see what guesses we receive. 


Wendy said...

Something to do with the height of a child for children's prices. If they are shorter than the mark they get "child" price, otherwise they have to pay "adult" price. Or maybe same idea but for amusement park rides. (From Karen)

Deb said...

The part that confuses me is the "Here is the mark" and the arrow. So it's something about finding a mark. That's really odd. The arrows on the Japanese symbol look like something to do with recycling. So let me see if that can be combined...

It's a recycling station. And underneath the mark is where you are permitted to leave certain items to be removed for recycling (provided of course you have boxed them up in the approved way and that it is the last Saturday of the month).