12 July, 2012

Sizzler fantasies

It's funny what you fantasise about when you are away from your home country. In my first and even the start of my second term I had a rather idealistic memory of Australia.

I do miss Australia these days, but nothing like the homesickness of those early years. The boys don't really get homesick for Australia, but there are things that they look forward coming back to. Actually it is the same with Japan when we're in Australia.

Tonight we go to one place that we all like to come back to: Sizzler. There are Sizzler restaurants in Japan and other all-you-can-eat restaurants. But there is something we really like about Australian Sizzlers. I think all the boys have their personal records, you know, how many "course" they managed last time. In fact the last time we went to Sizzler was the last meal we had in Australia in 2010. Now we're not out to make pigs of ourselves, but rather enjoy a special place.

I certainly wouldn't have thought Sizzler would be something that we would miss. If you were to leave Australia for a lengthy period of time, what do you think it might be for you?


CharlieK said...

Hi Wendy, did you go to one in Toowoomba, or at Toowong ? It was a bit of a treat going back to the Toowong one, as we don't have Sizzler in Sydney.

Maybe that's a sign of homesickness for Queensland :-)

Hope you're all enjoying the holiday. Shame I won't see you guys this time.

Wendy said...

It was in Toowoomba. No Sizzlers in Sydney? Wow!

Karen said...

Sizzlers is a bit of a guilty pleasure here. I think it's the idea of eating lots and not paying too much for it. I quite like the soups and steaks, and it's always easy to feed kids there (even the ones that have only just started to eat solids!).
We used to be quite regular attenders at the Toowoomba restaurant when we lived there :)
As for what I'd miss if we left Australia, I think it would be the rainforests and beaches. I love that where we live, we can get to both within a really short drive of home.

Bec said...

When I am in Australia I love the delis (cheese! olives! ham!), seafood and sparkling wine. Also good coffee.