10 July, 2012

Our trip is getting close

Today was messy. Being a family is messy and when you are linking up with other family members it is even messier. Even though none of us are working, we each had things we needed to get done.

We did get to the library and borrowed many hours of books on CD for our 7,000 km journey. We proved on Sunday that a few stories to listen to can bring much joy and unbelievable peace when kids are getting fractious.

This afternoon was given over to cousins reuniting. And on a rainy, foggy winter day, it was all indoors and pretty noisy.

This evening we've spent some time going over our itinerary for our trip and writing down phone numbers etc. Here's a rough map of our trip:

To give you some perspective on distance. Many of these arrows are more than 600km in length!

On Friday we leave Toowoomba to go and pick up the motorhome down on the coast at Tweed Heads, then we'll come back here for the night. After that we'll take off on our adventure. It's getting really close and excitement is building!

I'm thinking about blogging on the trip. I don't think we'll have much WiFi on the trip, but I think I might blog anyway, and then put the posts up whenever I get the chance. That we we'll have an online diary of our journey. Others have expressed interest in hearing the stories and seeing the photos, so I think that will probably be the best way to do it. If I leave it to when we get back, stories will be forgotten and life will overtake me, leaving me with no time to tell it all. What do you think? Will you mind reading a few posts of our trip in one go?

But for now, off to bed. And we're praying for a non-rainy day tomorrow to get the boys out of the house for a while!


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Go for it Wendy. I'll happily read a few posts in one day (in fact I'm doing that now!). Looking forward to hearing about your travels.

Melissa said...

I would love to have a blow by blow on your blog even if it only comes at the end of your trip. Writing it will help you have a record of your unique trip.

Judy B said...

Alan and I were driving out to Chinchilla last Friday evening when we passed a motorhome between Brisbane and Toowoomba. I didn't think until after we'd passed it that it could have been you on your way to Uluru! I think it might have been about 6pm.

Wendy said...

It could have been Judy!