14 December, 2017

2018 looms

We've started to kick into gear in preparing for 2018. We've got this purple diary, my eldest son and I have tickets for February (I'm coming back with him for 15 days to help get him settled), and as of today we've started to get enquiries about meeting with people or visitng churches. 

I've already got a meeting with my OMF line manager set up to talk about how I'll manage to free myself from my various roles enough to actually do the work that awaits us in Australia.

It's a mixture of exciting, scary, and overwhelming. And we're only just beginning. No mistake about it, 2018 will be a big year.

I've counted the plane trips that I know about and I could be on more than a dozen aeroplanes during the year. Considering I've only flown four times this year, that's a bit of a difference. Yep, quite a different year indeed.

Hold onto your seats, it's going to be a big one. I listened to a sermon today about Psalm 123 and the topic was Keeping our Eyes on Jesus. That was my theme too last time we uprooted ourselves in Japan and moved to Australia in 2014. Looks like it's going to be that again.

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