11 October, 2017

October camping trip

We came back yesterday from our first ever October camping trip. It was also the first time we'd camped in Nagano Prefecture, though not the first time we'd stayed overnight in that prefecture (the OMF holiday house we stay in at Christmas is in Nagano Prefecture, but on the other side of some significant mountains).

So we weren't quite sure what to expect. October has quite variable weather in this part of the world. On Friday it was grey, rainy, and cool (under 20C) in Tokyo. Plus, it's not that long since we camped in the snow last November and so we were determined not to be caught unawares regarding cold.

We caught some amazing weather, though. Blue skies and warm weather. Yesterday was so warm that I was wishing I'd packed shorts and another t-shirt. Jeans and a 3/4 sleeve shirt was too warm.

It was so delightful that it was difficult to come home. I've struggled to get into work today, longing to be still out there camping!

Here are some (actually quite a lot of) photos for your enjoyment.

We camped down the road from a small lake (or big pond) called Lake Tateshina.

Two tents, two cars, and a common dining shelter.

The camping area was surrounded by cabins, unfortunately. I prefer a more natural outlook when camping! It also turned out more expensive than we're usually happy to pay. There were a number of charges that weren't on the website.

The facilities weren't fantastic, either. This is the edge of the ablutions block. Not showing the toilets here, they were horrid. Thankfully we discovered a nicer toilet block further up the hill, but not until our second night.

Our youngest enjoyed hanging out with the two youngest children of our friends. They spent a lot of time searching for golf balls in the adjacent bush which separated us from local golf course. They found about 40, but kept only about 15. Here two of them are enjoying hanging out on our friends' hammock.

Sun setting over our camp kitchen.

We found this large fern near the showers.

This is Lake Tateshina.

Adjacent to the lake was an Art Park. We ran out of time to explore it fully, but it was pleasant to stroll through (if you didn't spend much time looking at the naked women statues).

We discovered that the art park was illuminated at night time, so we went back after dinner on Monday night.

In the morning, most of our party got out on the water for a while in various boats.

Autumn colours are appearing here and there.

Lots of dragonflies!

I've got no idea what this is, but I found it on the edge of the car park at the campsite.

Lots of campfires! One of my favourite parts of camp.

On the way home we stopped at our favourite apple farm and bought cheap, but utterly delicious apples.

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