12 June, 2017

Special morning tea for staff

I did something a little different this morning. I helped put on a morning tea for the CAJ staff. It was a thank you present from the families of the Seniors who have just graduated. We did this instead of giving some of the staff presents. We figured that many of the staff at the school have contributed to our student's school experience and they all deserved a thank you. So rather than just picking out a few to give presents to, we put this together for the morning snack break of the staff's first day of meetings after school finished. 

If the reaction of the staff to this event is any indication, we did a good job of both surprising them, and showing our appreciation to them. They were extravagant in their praise. Apparently this is the first time senior parents have ever done this.

It was a team effort. I did little but help coordinate, buy some of the food, and be there to help set up and clean up. A few people who couldn't come provided food and decorations and this morning two ladies who came to help did a great job of making it aesthetically pleasing. We used money that was left-over from the banquet and after-party (we'd collected money from senior families at the start of the year to cover those two events). One of the dads even baked American scones, which were a major hit. 
I even got a bit teary in the midst of it all when I thought about how many of these precious staff members have taken the time to help my son. It hasn't been an easy journey and it was wonderful to be a part of something saying thank you to them all.
It was definitely the most satisfying of the things I've been involved in for this Senior class end-of-year events. The banquet was quite a spectacular event, but I spent a lot of time answering questions and dealing with problems, so didn't really get to enjoy it that much.

Now I'm looking forward to getting the final reports collated and handed over to the upcoming class so I can put this responsibility down.

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