11 June, 2017

Early Father's Day

We're living between two cultures that have the celebration of Father's Day on different days and we're thoroughly mixed up! We try to celebrate it according to the culture we're in (though it doesn't work if we move mid-year because then he either gets two or none). 

This year we didn't get either dates right: we celebrated a week earlier than the Japanese calendar says we should. But, as we sat with the boys at a Japanese bakery (one of David's favourite treats), the boys mused that really it shouldn't be just one set day that we appreciate a father (or a mother or any person for that matter), it should be every day.

It was a mistake in our planning initially, but it worked out for the best, for we soon realised that there won't be another Sunday until July when we're all together. In fact, for much of the next two Sundays there's only be David at home with two boys.

It was lovely to be out with our guys again. We did that on Friday night too, that time specifically to celebrate the end of school. It depends on boys' moods, but often an outing like this that includes food and drink is a winner for all concerned. It makes more sense to me, at this stage of life, to do this, rather than to buy more things. One of the most valuable things we can give each other is our time and for a teenage boy, it is an easier way of showing his love.

Below are some of the many unusual items I found today at the bakery. And no, we didn't purchase any of them.

Japanese bakeries are so cute. But they also have great food that you can
select yourself off the shelf at your own pace, rather than stand dumbstruck while 
the staff stare at you. Oh, you've never had that experience? 
Maybe that is because you're used to the bakeries in your neighbourhood. 
It is never easy for us to transition back to places in Australia that have 
counters where you order when you get to the head of the line. Not much
 time for considering all the less-than-familiar options (yes, even Maccas).

This English description had me curious, but not
curious enough to purchase it.
Stir-fried noodles in a hot dog roll. Interested?

Or perhaps a "mega-frankfurter doughnut" that
looks like it has cornflakes on the outside?

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