09 June, 2017

A slice of daily life in Tokyo

This is an "ordinary life" post. I don't see this as particularly noteworthy, but it's an aspect of my daily life that wowed my mum. I bought all these groceries at three stores this afternoon. They equalled two bike trips. A total ride of about 5km, 2.5k of that with a heavyish load (in a knee-length skirt).
Hauling groceries on a bike is just normal to me now. I know how to pack the bags and load my giant bike baskets so it all balances easily.

Maybe you might wonder why I bother when I could drive. And yes, all the grocery stores I went to today have car parks. There probably wouldn't have been much time saving either way, but I did get some nice exercise. And I like riding, getting out on my bike makes the chore of grocery shopping just a little more challenging and fun. I saw some pretty cool flowers too, but didn't stop to photograph them! This photo is from my own tiny backyard. But the hydrangeas are out everywhere.

Oh, and if you're wondering, this is not a usual shopping trip for me. I usually buy about half this amount twice a week at just one store. Some of today's shopping was for a staff morning tea we're doing on Monday as an end-of-year thank you from the senior class parents.


Shirley Corder said...

Now my mind would work the other way! I would ride if there were no groceries involved but definitely drive if I had all these to haul! Of course, I don't have a bike so that wouldn't be an issue.

Jonathan Beckett said...

I ride a bike to work and back every day, and invariably call home before leaving the office to see if there is anything I need to pick up - there is a big supermarket en-route. I can be found every week at some point or another with my backpack stuffed with groceries, and bags hanging from the bike too :)