10 December, 2015

Suspense over

It took David just under 2 hrs to drive the team there and 1 ½ hrs to
drive home. I'm glad I didn't go, I'm tired enough with all the anticipation
as it is. But I did get to see a video of his bout.
The month-long suspense of whether our son would make the weigh-in for his first meet ended last night (see Tuesday's post for more explanation). He made it in, with two pounds to spare. Not without some drastic non-eating over the last 24 hours, but he made it. Then he nailed his bout too, with a fast pin.

To our relief he was in such a good mood all day yesterday, despite the lack of food. The meet wasn't until 6.30 that night, and he had to attend school until 2.30. 

We're hoping that now he's officially down to that weight it will be easier to maintain it without such drastic measures. The next meet is an all-day duals tournament on Saturday and weigh-in is in the morning, so it should be easier to maintain the right weight without fasting, just a late breakfast.

I'm exhausted today, of course, even though I didn't go to the meet itself. Part of me wishes I didn't get so emotionally invested in things like this. But I think that that intense part of me is something that isn't going to change, it's pretty integral to who I am.

The other thing I'm really happy about is that he stuck to the goal of losing weight and pushed through to success with great resolve towards the end. It's an important life skill some kids find harder to learn than others: to be able to have a goal and do hard things to get to that. I hope as he has success at this that he will see it is possible to have success in other hard things in life also.

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