29 December, 2015

Photos from the previous 10 days

I posted a number of photos on Facebook over the last 10 days. Here are some that show you something of what we've been up to.

The view from our living/dining area of the holiday house. So great to see space and distance!

We encountered an international curling competition and got to watch a little. So much attention to detail!

I found these plastic eyes (and a number of other variations) for putting in food. We "played" with our food a bit! This is our youngest son's creation.

This is the volcano that we were living at the base of. Mt Asama. There was a pretty constant stream of steam coming from the crater. It's the most active volcano on our island, Honshu. It is 2,568m above sea level. We were staying at about 1,000m above sea level. 

We enjoyed an all-you-can-eat restaurant one day (and ate practically nothing else that day). It included unlimited meat that you cooked at your table in this recessed BBQ.

Christmas was a quiet day at home. We were pretty pleased with the simple table decorations that we'd gathered (runner bought just before we left Australia for less than $5).

A new board game has been enjoyed: Pandemic. This one is different in that it is everyone working together to beat the diseases.

Today I got out of the house and rode to the park on my own. The serenity was delicious. The weather was brilliant, except that it was about 10˚C.

The autumn colours have disappeared from the trees, but the sky was blue and a tinge of green remains in some of the grass. Additionally, the gardeners have planted some decorative plants/flowers. I don't really know what to call these colourful cauliflower-like plants, but you see them around the place at this time of year. They really do look exotic.

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Hillary said...

I believe they're called 葉牡丹 (ハボタン)which translates as ornamental kale/cabbage! :) I love the splash if colour they add everywhere to winter!