02 December, 2015

"Footpath" outside our house is green

While we were away at the end of last week they repainted the markings on our road. We've now got a distinct "green" line painted along one side which I presume marks the safe place to walk as there is no pedestrian-only footpath (US = sidewalk, UK = pavement).
The view from our entry. The road is pretty close. Thankfully most of the traffic is quiet: on foot or on bikes. The motorised traffic doesn't travel very fast either. The speed-limit is 30 km/hr, I think, or maybe it is 20...in any case you wouldn't want to be travelling much faster than that because there are plenty of obstacles to avoid, not just pedestrians and bikes. There are telephone poles and rubbish bins too!

Yep, and it is a two-way road too. We use this "footpath" all the
time. This is how the boys get to school. 
It's wider than the previous road we lived on in Tokyo, which is good, it means that visitors can park for a short while out the front. We can also park there while packing or unloading the car. Once the car is in the carport it is almost impossible to get anything sizeable in or out of the car.

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