12 March, 2009

missing my husband

Does anyone else miss their husband, even when he is only away for a night? David has gone to Kyoto for about 40 hrs with a school trip. This is the fourth time he's done it. I just hate it when he's gone. However I feel a little guilty about that feeling, because I know that many others have to deal with this often. One home-schooling military mum of 5 particularly comes to mind. The kids hate it when he's gone too, especially our 3 yo who is acting out today and I'm sure that is one of the reasons! The other reason I feel guilty is that he knows I feel this way. He has been asked if he wants to go on to a conference in Hong Kong in April, but he'll be away 4 nights. I've told him it is his decision; because it is unfair of my feelings to get in the way of his professional development, isn't it?

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