23 March, 2009

Furniture lists

That we are considering furniture lists is a hint that the move we're making in 3 months time is not an ordinary one. We have a household of furniture here in Japan and half a household of furniture in Australia. Not many people in our economic bracket can say that. We don't have a house in Australia, just some stuff! So, we find ourselves with a foot in both worlds at present. We're taking stock of what we have here: deciding what we want to store for the year we'll be in Oz and what we want to ditch and replace when we come back. At the same time we're considering what we left in Australia four years ago and what we need to borrow to supplement that to ensure we have enough beds for everyone and so on. It is a challenging assignment, one akin to juggling balls. Hoping, as we consider one aspect of this move, that we don't forget another and drop the ball!

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