14 March, 2009

Encouragement to keep running (or walking or crawling)

We are facing some very big, scary deadlines. In less than 15 weeks we will move out of this house in Tokyo, store most of our household and fly to Australia. Not for a holiday, but to work, for 12 months, and then return to work in Japan. This deadline has me overwhelmed at times. Particularly when I try to swallow it all in one lump. I've taken time to refocus my eyes on Jesus, this week, however and it's been a more-than-beneficial way to spend my time. One of the things I've done is reread parts of a book by a speaker I heard last year at a women's retreat. Below I've typed out one of the sections that made a significant impact on me when I read it this week. I pray it will impact you too and encourage you to keep running. "Come Closer" by Jane Rubietta, p 214-5 Come and Consider (what Jesus might say to you) "How I love you, Child. How I love you. I am by your side constantly, Your faithful guide. Keep running the race before you - Keep making a difference, Day in, day out. If you listen to your heart, If you listen with the ears of your soul, You will hear my heart berating Strongly, Cheering you forward, Strengthening you for The final kick across The finish. Meanwhile, the way is long And the road winding. But don't quit. Don't forget to invite Me to help yourun, To strengthen you, To cheer you on. Keep meeting my eyes, And you'll have all you Need for the race. And listen: Do you hear Them? The cloud of witnesses? They, too, surround You with support and Cheer you on, Though you can't always See them. Hold fast, Run well, And grab my hand. I'm not telling When the trumpet will sound, But until then, We have lots to do. Let's get loving." Thanks, Jane, for your insight and encouragement.


JN said...

The deadline (and what lies on the other side of the deadline) has been particularly overwhelming for me this week, too. The answer, as you say, *IS* Jesus. Oh, that my eyes would not waver! Thanks for the encouragement.

Cat said...

I'll be cheering hard to keep you running strong.
"Go, go, Wendy! Go, go!" (clap, clap)

Wendy said...

Stick at it Judith. One step at a time with Jesus.

Thanks Cat! I can hear you now.

Jane said...

Dear Wendy:

Thanks so much for YOUR encouragement of me! I'm grateful these words were helpful to you.

What a great gift to know we don't run alone or on our own strength. I'm praying you will have some visible cloud of witnesses, too!

With love