31 July, 2017

Camping obsession

We've moved into another level of our camping obsession. In six years we've worn out the first tent we owned and have now purchased a replacement tent.

In the photo you can see the sad remains of our old tent on the left. Some of it has already gone in the rubbish collection, what remains will (hopefully) be accepted in the next couple of weeks by our kerbside rubbish collectors. On the right is our new (second-hand) tent plus a soft floor-insert. Both bought from a local second hand shop.

It's quite a bit smaller than the enormous 10-man tent we had before (allegedly 10-man, though we never slept more than six in it). But we've got our eyes on the future. With boys gradually moving away we won't need such a large tent. However we've got a spare 2-man tent someone gave us that we can also use if we do camp with all five of us again.

Actually, we're looking at the school calendar and trying to figure out if we can try out this new tent before we go back to Australia on home assignment next June. 

Yes, we definitely have a camping obsession!

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