18 June, 2011

Clearing out pantries

We just dropped by some friends who are leaving in a few days. They were cleaning out their pantry and we became the happy recipients of a wide range of pantry goods. From herbs and spices, to meat and bread and canned soup.

First Japanese kitchen
It is strange to be on the receiving end of all this. For the last two years we've been the ones giving stuff away. Now our cupboards and freezers are full to overflowing with goods! More food than I've had in my house for a very long time. All the moves we've made has tended to make me skimpy on what I buy and how much I buy. 

I guess small Japanese kitchens has caused that too. I remember my first tiny kitchen in Japan. The only space for food preparation was also the place where dishes drained. The toaster sat on the washing machine and we only had a couple of cupboards.

Half of my current kitchen

Half of my '09-'10 large Australian kitchen
We've gradually moved to larger and larger places. Now I have a large kitchen, by Japanese standards. But nothing compared to what we used for the year we were living in Australia.

Still, seeing people moving and benefiting from their move is not fun. I've been there too many times. Here's hoping that we don't have to move out of our current residence for a long time yet.


Helen said...

Wendy, your language is becoming a bit international! Can you see where?

Wendy said...

Hmmm, was I supposed to say "tinned soup"?

You should hear my boys - there is another post in the near future...

taylorcrowson said...

Yay for canned soup!! Of course I didn't even notice you said it until someone pointed it out!

Helen said...

No, I didn't even notice the canned soup. It's the first line. We would say 'dropped into a friend's place/house'.